Why Choose Us?


The decision to start orthodontics treatment is one that should be made with thoughtful consideration. Choosing Dr. Hunt and his team to care for you and your family means you will be receiving excellent care backed by 29 years experience. Dr. Hunt prides himself on attention to detail, while building relationships with all who walk through our doors.

We understand life is busy and can be very hectic, so we are able to see patients in 3 different locations for your convenience. Our office has hours that we hope you will find convenient, including after hours as needed.

Be assured that when you choose our office, you are picking a team who has a heart for people and truly cares about you. We want you to have an ideal bite and an amazing smile!

Lastly, having orthodontic treatment (whether it’s braces or Invisalign) will mean investing your hard earned money. We will work with you to figure out a payment schedule that you are comfortable with and suits your needs.

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